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washington DC Self Guided Walking Tour, Maps and Guidebook

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savannah self guided walking tour & map - ebook
The Charleston Self Guided Walking Tour - hard copy & e-book
Why spend $20 per person on a guided tour when you can do it yourself?  Everything needed is included in all of the tours (detailed maps and landmark information).  Beautiful photos are included in each tour which enhances the experience.  Each tour allows for great photo-taking opportunities, to go at your own pace, take breaks and explore off of the beaten path.  Below you'll find the tours we offer for Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia and Washington DC.
Charleston South Caroling Walking Tour Book

(Can be purchased as an ebook PDF only.) 
Walk the historic streets of Charleston, and follow in the footsteps of revolutionaries, patriots, pirates, planters, Southern belles, slaves and, finally freedmen. Explore the city and learn the history, legends, lore, city secrets and facts about one of the oldest, most well-preserved and beautiful cities in America! The tour can also be biked or driven.

Why take a guided tour that costs over $20 per person when you can walk at your own pace, see the same landmarks, hear the same history and stories at a fraction of the cost?

The tour is 28 pages with 100 of the most famous landmarks that includes modern color and vintage photos. The total route is 3.6 miles that can take anywhere from 2-4 hours....it all depends on your speed and pace. A center-fold easy to read route map is included with numbered points of interest to keep you on track.

ebook PDF version is $3.95.
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Savannah Walking Tour

The Savannah Self Guided Walking Tour & Map

(Available only in ebook or PDF format only.)  This tour is the most comprehensive tour in the city.

Three separate walking tours highlight 111 landmarks, are centered around 22 of the remaining 24 famous squares.  Each of the three routes are two miles long which makes for an easy walk.

A route map with numbered stops that corresponds to the text is included to keep readers on track.  Beautiful photos are intermingled with the text which is extremely organized, descriptive, historically accurate and professionally written.

The format is 8.5" x 11", 23 pages and can be printed in full color.  $3.98
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Washington DC Self Guided Walking Tour & Guidebook

Available in ebook PDF format only.  See all the famous sites and landmarks in Washington, D.C. on this self guided journey of the Capitol of the United States.

The six tours each have their own detailed map and the numbered points-of-interest in the text match up with the numbers on the map.  This complete walking tour is extremely organized and breaks down the city into six manageable walks that are:  Capitol Hill, Old Downtown & Chinatown, The National Mall (East), The Ellipse, Lafayette Park, and The National Mall (West).

Beautiful photos are included with the text.  The format is 8.5" x 11" and 30 pages.  $3.99

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Things to do in Charleston SC

Why Walking Tour Books?

Reasons to Purchase the Books & Take the Tours:

  1. Explore the city at your own pace....no need to rush along to keep up with the group.
  2. Cost savings:  On average, a guided sight-seeing tour will cost $20 per person, which can get expensive if paying for an entire family.  See and learn about the same and even more landmarks and history at a fraction of the cost. The Walking Tour Book is only $5.95 for a hard-copy or $3.95 for the instant download version!
  3. Leave and return when you want.  Too hot?  Wait till the evening.  Looks like it's going to rain?  Wait it out. Feet getting tired?  Take a rest. Guided tours leave on their terms on not yours.
  4. Great photo taking opportunities
  5. Feel free to veer off the route path and explore a little on your own
  6. Have fun & learn at the same time
  7. Leaving for vacation tomorrow? Get the e-Book which is emailed instantly after purchase
  8. A keepsake to remember your fantastic journey!

All Tours Include the Following:

  • Information and history of 90-100 points of interest
  • Professionally written and historically accurate
  • All the famous landmarks that you'd want to see
  • Fantastic photos (both vintage and modern day pictures)
  • Center-fold map of the city that includes easy to follow routes and numbered stops to keep you on track.
  • The tours make a convenient loop and end where they started.  No worrying about walking more than needed or ending the tour far away from your car.
  • Charleston is one big route that is 3.6 miles long.  Many people do this in 1 day...but others take it slow and it takes 1.5 - 2 days which can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours total.  It all depends on your desired pace.
  • Savannah Book e-Book:  3 different routes that are all about 2 miles each.  Each tour can easily be completed in 1.5 - 2 hours.

ebooks Can Be Viewed on the Following Devices:

  • PC or Mac Computers
  • iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones or Tablets. Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled.


Providing high quality self guided walking tour books, ebooks and maps of Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia and Washington DC.

Tours can be printed at home, mailed, or viewed on standard computers, ipads or smartphones.
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